O u r v i n e s

The property

A g a r d e n o f 2 5 , 0 0 0 s q u a r e m e t r e s

Our vines are equally divided between IGT and Chianti Classico, the territory is typical of the village of Montefioralle with a predominance of Alberese and Galestro, both limestone rocks which allow the Sangiovese variety to express finesse in its aromas and structure on the palette.


We cannot talk about wine without considering the type of territory where the vine grows, and the same goes for the oil, and in general for any type of produce. All the more so for the vines that produce a fruit with certain characteristics thanks to particular climatic conditions and exposure but also thanks to the specificity of the soil on which the vines were planted.

It is the composition of the soil in this little area around the village of Montefioralle which makes the fruit of our work unique.


E v e r y s o i l p o s s e s s e s i t s s p e c i f i c q u a l i t y .


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